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Goniurosaurus kuroiwae

Goniurosaurus kuroiwae is a fairly small member of the genus Goniurosaurus which in turn belongs to the family of eyelid geckos, Eublepharidae.

It is endemic to the japanese islands Okinawa, Kouri and Sesoko. It is a gecko which, just like its relatives G luii and G lichtenfelderi, prefers relatively low temperatures, max 26 degrees Ceslius, and a relatively high humidity.

As long as the temperatures are not too high and the humidity is not too low it is relatively easy to care for. Keep the temps low and spray the terrarium once every or every other day and it will be just fine. Add a moisture box and Voila!, you´re just fine.


Suitable foods are crickets(suggested staple food), small grasshoppers and roaches and waxmoth caterpillars of suitable size. Other invertebrates of suitable size will also work just fina. Some caution in regard to the waxmoth caterpillars is recommended due to the high fat content.

G kuroiwae lays softshelled eggs which are incubated in moist perlite at 25-27 degrees Celsius for about 60-80 days.



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