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Paroedura androyensis

P androyensis is a small groundliving gecko from Madagascar It´s total length from nose to tail is about 7 cm but since it often keeps the tail curled up against it´s back it appears smaller.


P androyensis is very easy to both care for and to breed. 


The food consists of insects of appropriate size and this is surely not a picky gecko. It consumes tremendous amounts of food in regard to it´s size.


Because it lays hard-shelled eggs the females has a huge demand of calcium and thus every food item must be dusted with a mixture of calcium and vitamins in order to avoid rachitis.


I spray the terrarium once every two or three days to keep the right humidity and to give the geckos water.


About once a month the females lay one or two eggs the size of a very small pea. Incubated at 27-32°C it takes the eggs about two months to hatch.


Apparently this species utilises TSD since low range incubation temperatures creates almost exclusively females according to my very limited experience.

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