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Hemitheconyx caudicinctus, African fattail gecko

The African fattail gecko is not as common as its cousin, the leopardgecko, but is starting to increase it´s popularity. It has a heavier build but apart from that it is in almost every way similar to its cousin. It´s beautiful, easy to care for and is very peaceful.


Over the last years there has been bred a number of different colour varieties. To say the least some of those are very beautiful but also has a very beautiful price.


Under natural conditions the African fattail gecko comes in only two varieties. One is the "ordinary" beige-brown variety and the other has a white longitudinal stripe running from the neck to the the root of the tail.


Below you can see one amelanistic "tangerine phase" and one "normal phase" gecko. The one with original colouration also carries the gene for amelanism.

This is a lizard highly recommendable to the beginner and as far as I believe is also facing a bright future in the reptile hobby.


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