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Nephrurus wheeleri cinctus

Nephrurus wheeleri cinctus is a groundliving australian gecko which belongs to a group of geckos known as "Knobtail-geckos" due to the little knob at the end of their tails.

Because of it´s cool looks this gecko is a nice part of any collection. The temper of these animals is however a little fierce. When disturbed they tend to hiss and even bark on occasion and sometimes they even simulate an attack. I´ve got to admit though that they have never ever bitten me.


Their care is extremely simple. Sand and gravel as bottom substrate with an additional piece of wood, rock and a flower pot turned upside down. The environment should be dry with one cool(22-25°C) and one warm(28-32°C) side. A moisturebox makes the setup complete.


Feed and mist lightly every other day. Suitable food is crickets, roaches and other insects of appropriate size.

Make sure you dust the insects in a calcium/vitaminsupplement before you give it to your animals.

Nephrurus wheeleri cinctus lays soft-shelled eggs that should be incubated in moist perlite at ca 28-30 degrees for about 75-100 days.

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