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About Northern Geckos

I, the person behind Northern Geckos, is a 37-year old male and my name is Niklas Johansson.

I live in the south of Sweden close to the danish border. I'm interested in all types of geckos but my main interest are eyelid geckos such as the well known Leopard gecko and the Central american banded gecko(Coleonyx mitratus).

I´ve had a huge interest in reptiles and amphibians ever since childhood but it took until I moved to my own place before I could live it out completely.


The journey to geckos has been long and has taken a few stops on the way. Those stops has been in the realms of snakes and poison frogs. I bought my first geckos in the late nineties and ever since the I´ve been completely hooked.


Currently I´m keeping some more species than I originally intended to. Some species are a little unusual but most  of my kept species are relatively common and I just keep them because I like working with them.

If you have questions or ideas please feel free to send a mail to info(at)
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