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For different reasons I no longer keep any reptiles. This page will however remain online even if I will not answer any mail regarding breeding, sale or keeping animals.






Some species have been sold and are thus moved to "Other species". One species have been added. The page with animals for sale has been updated. 





Updated and refreshed the "Links" section. It was really in need af o facelift.

Some new sites were added as well.


New pictures of G kuroiwae and Hemitheconyx caudinctus have been added.

It seems like ASAP is getting close.

Some of the texts in english have been corrected because I found some typos and bad choice of words.


Some species have been sold and others have been added to the collection.


Brief information about Goniurosaurus kuroiwae and G splendens have been added as have the information on Diplodactylus tesselatus.


Currently I´m working on the information pages about Nephrurus wheeleri cinctus and Saurodactylus mauretanicus brossetti.

Missing pictures on various subpages is in the line to be added ASAP. When ASAP will occur is still an open question.


Information about and pictures of the latest addition to the collection, Aeluroscalabotes felinus(Malaysian Cat gecko), from Niclas at will hopefully be put in place shortly.


This years season appears to be almost completely over. In the coming season I hope to be able to offer offspring from G kuroiwae, G splendens and Aeluroscalabotes felinus. It is also my intention to have amel Hemitheconyx caudicinctus, "tangerine" offspring.


Naturally I also intend to get offspring of the other species.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy your stay.

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