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Here you will find links to sites that I find to be useful or interesting. You will also find sites where you can buy, or sell, animals and accessories.

Swedish bereeder of mainly different species of Nephrurus.

Top notch quality and outstanding animals.

Swedish breeder av different species of geckos.

Quality geckos to the last specimen.

International gecko forum. All the information about geckos you could possibly use. Also a "For sale"-section.

Free membership

Swedish reptile forum, in swedish.

Also a "For sale"-section.


Free membership


German page, partially in english.

Lots of ads with "For sale", especially when there is an upcoming fair in Europe. If you don´t find what you´re looking for here you will probably not find it anywhere else.




German site with a webshop. They sell feeder insects, accessories, animals. The wole lot.


Fair prices on feeder insects and so far a reliable source. If you order they deliver.

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